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Traditionally, there were only a few brands of dog food to feed our canine companions, and it was pretty easy to make a choice – food for small dogs, big dogs, working dogs etc. It was very much a one size fits all approach, which didn’t really work for all dogs, so it is refreshing to see such a wide choice available for dogs nowadays.

Natures Menu

As we humans have become increasingly aware of what we put in our bodies, we have also become more aware of what we are feeding our furry friends. From grain free to dry, to wet and raw, there is a plethora of options to choose from. Here, we take a look at the Natures Menu Country Hunter Dog Pouches.

These pouches are very much a sort of hybrid feed – not your standard tinned food, and not your raw food that needs to be kept frozen. These tasty (I think, although I haven’t tried them personally!) pouches are packed full of 80% meat and wholesome superfoods such as sweet potatoes, green beans and mixed berries. These meals have been gently steamed to retain their goodness. You can choose from four flavours – free range chicken, succulent duck, grass grazed beef and farm reared turkey (pretty tantalising!).

As well as being grain and gluten free, this food is made with human grade meat with no meat derivatives, is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and is complete and nutritionally balanced.

Natures Menu Country Hunter Taste Test

Natures Menu

Our chief taster is Jake, a 5 year old Shih Tzu cross neutered male. He is generally fit and well, a little on the chunkier side (isn’t everyone after Christmas?!) He loves wet food, as well as leftover veg (carrots are his veg of choice!) so was really keen to sample the flavours.

When switching your dogs food, it is always important to do so gradually, so as not to upset their tummies, so we initially transitioned a little bit of Natures Menu Country Hunter Dog Pouches with his standard food, and gradually increased this over the course of a week.

As soon as we put his bowl down, he chomped down on the Natures Menu first – a positive sign that a switch in food was going to be well received. He really enjoyed his food, and its great to know that we aren’t filling him with over processed, unhealthy food.

Not only that, but he actually lost weight. Being nutritionally balanced, he was full and satisfied on the recommend feeding guide (if you’re not sure how much to feed or how to transition, do please call Natures Menu and speak to one of the team). After just four weeks, he was looking more streamlined and lean; it’s really important not to let your pet get overweight, as, like us humans, it can lead to long term health problems.

We also noticed that his bowel movements were more regular and easier to pick up (sorry if that’s too much info for you!). Feeding a raw diet helps to make stools harder, which helps the anal glands express naturally. He was a little windy during his transition, but this soon calmed down once his digestive system had got used to his new chow. His breath also improved too, which was a real treat, particularly as he loves getting in close for a cuddle! No more holding our breath when he’s around now!

In short, despite being previously a little on the squeamish side about feeding a raw food diet to him, these Natures Menu Country Hunter Pouches have proved to be the perfect diet for him. You still get the goodness, without the raw side, and we have a very happy, healthy dog.

As well as the Country Hunter Pouches, Natures Menu have a range of other products, including Raw Nuggets, Mixers, Complete Dry Food, Treats and Biscuits and a range of Cat Food too. Find the full range on their website

Natures Menu

For more information on Natures Menu Country Hunter Pouches, please visit the Natures Menu website, where you can also subscribe to save 10% on every order. If you have any questions, head to their advice section, or please do contact them directly.